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Presentations are helpful to reflect information in an organized manner. You can fill slides with a lot of content including text, shapes, charts, images and much more. Aspose.Slides Cloud API can be used to create, edit or manipulate presentation files. You do not need to install Microsoft PowerPoint or any other additional application. It gives you the privilege to work in any operating system and environment, no complicated configurations are involved. Moreover, all learning resources are well-managed which enable you to work efficiently. You can simply Sign Up and test all the features with Free Trial.

In this article, we will be considering a very important feature of Aspose.Slides Cloud API. Let us learn about the conversion of presentation to a PDF document. The API lets you convert a whole presentation to PDF with a single API call. You can also convert a specific slide to PDF document. First of all, we need to upload the source presentation to Cloud Storage. Aspose Cloud provides its own storage capacity. It also supports several 3rd party storages including Amazon S3, Azure, Dropbox, etc. You can configure any 3rd party cloud storage with Aspose Cloud. Following is a cURL example to upload a presentation from local storage to Cloud storage.

After uploading the file, you can convert a specific slide to a PDF document by specifying the slide number. For instance, to render the second slide, specify the number as in below code snippet:

Convert PPTX to PDF or PPT to PDF

In this example, we will assume that the source PPTX file is already uploaded to Cloud Storage with the example we have discussed above. Now use following cURL code to call the API and the whole presentation will be converted to PDF document.

Following are some screenshots of source and generated files:

Input PPTX file


Second Slide to PDF output

Whole Presentation to PDF file


You can notice how simple is it to convert the presentation to PDF while the rendering engine of API is very good. Moreover, we look forward to knowing your feedback, do reach out to us via Free Support Forum.

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