Aspose.Words Cloud API

Aspose Cloud APIs allow you to create and convert Word documents without needing conventional word processing applications. You can also edit, manipulate or merge Word documents including DOC, DOCX, and many other file formats. One does not need to process hundreds of documents manually, one by one. The process can simply be automated with Aspose Cloud APIs. Several SDKs are available which make Cloud APIs truly platform-independent.

Let us walk through the initial steps before we start working with Aspose.Words Cloud API. First of all, you would need to Create a new account or Sign Up with Facebook, Google, GitHub or Twitter account. Now you need to Create New Application and get its respective SID and Key, to proceed further.

In this article, we will be discussing about creating a new DOCX file, as well as converting a DOCX file to PDF. Below is the cURL code which creates a blank DOCX file into your storage.


Word document

Converting a Word document to PDF file

For converting a Word document to PDF, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Set App SID and App Key and sign the URI
  2. Build JSON to post in the request body. Input documents including its path should be provided
  3. Send a PUT request to Aspose.Words Cloud API
  4. Download converted PDF document

Below is the code to convert a Word document to PDF file:


Word to PDF conversion

Likewise, many more word processing features are offered by Aspose.Words Cloud API. You may visit API documentation and API references for further information. Moreover, all SDKs are hosted at GitHub that you can integrate with your applications. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to write back to us at Support Forum.