Convert PDF to DOCX in Java


The PDF (Portable Document Format) files are widely popular due to their capabilities of ensuring document fidelity when viewing over any platform. They are also capable of encapsulating almost any type of data including text, tables, raster …

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Convert MOV to MP4 using C#

Convert WMV to MP4

Images and videos are an integral part of our lives. Also, the videos are getting more popular to express, educate, broadcast, etc a message to the wider community. With the passage of time, new video and audio …

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How to convert HTML to PDF using Java REST API

convert HTML to PDF

The HTML is a leading file format for web development and a majority of the modern web browsers support HTML specifications and can easily render the web pages inside them. Also, the HTML is platform-independent, therefore it …

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Convert GIF to DICOM and JPEG to PNG using C# .NET REST API

JPEG to PNG conversion

Aspose.Imaging Cloud is a complete image format processing REST API. It offers a plethora of options for Image processing and the details pertinent to the file formats it can handle can be found over Supported file formats

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Convert MPP to XLSX or HTML using REST API in C#

Project Management preview

Planning and collaboration are key to project success and for quick coordination, the Project files can be converted to PDF, HTML, or XLSX formats. During the planning phase, we identify the required resources, effort estimations, the project …

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Convert XLSX to PDF, XPS, TIFF, and HTML with REST Java API

XLSX to PDF conversion

Microsoft Excel files are widely used for office data management and information manipulation on Windows and macOS platforms. Many users also use OpenOffice (ODS), SpreadsheetML(XML), CSV, and other formats for data storage …

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How to handle Conditional formatting in Excel using REST API

Conditional formatting in excel

Microsoft Office Excel allows you to layout your text data in a spreadsheet or workbook format. You can bring information and data from various files and locations to a single destination, for them to be crunched and …

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How to install Aspose.Cloud SDKs

Cloud APIs logo

Aspose.Cloud provides a huge set of Cloud-based REST APIs offering the capabilities to create, manipulate as well as transform input files to other supported output formats. You can directly access the APIs using cURL commands via command …

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Set PPTX slide protection properties using REST API in C#

Slide protection preview

PowerPoint Presentations have properties containing details about a presentation such as a title, author name, subject, and keywords that identify the document’s topic or contents, etc. It is important to specify relevant values for the presentation’s Property …

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