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Convert ODT to Word document using .NET REST API.

In a diverse digital landscape, an effective document management process is a paramount. However, different formats often pose challenges in compatibility and accessibility. ODT (Open Document Text) files, while widely used, may encounter compatibility issues, especially when it comes to seamless collaboration or integration. This is where the need for a robust conversion process arises. Converting ODT to Word documents (in both .docx and .doc) can bridge this gap, facilitating smooth communication, collaboration, and sharing of documents across different ecosystems.

In this guide, we delve into the details of this conversion using .NET REST API, exploring how this API can significantly enhance document interoperability, flexibility, and productivity in today’s digital realm.

.NET Cloud SDK for ODT to Word Conversion

Converting ODT files to Word documents with precision and ease is achievable through the robust capabilities of Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for .NET. It’s a powerful REST API that seamlessly integrates into your .NET applications, providing a comprehensive set of features for working with various document formats, including ODT and Word. Furthermore, this Cloud SDK abstracts away the complexities of the conversion process, enabling smooth and efficient ‘ODT to Word’ conversions without requiring intricate programming or intricate knowledge of document formats.

In order to use the SDK, first we need to search Aspose.Words-Cloud in NuGet packages manager and click the Add Package button. Secondly, we need to visit cloud dashboard, to obtain your personalized client credentials.

ODT to DOCX in C# .NET

Let’s take a quick look over the simple code snippet that can enable you to convert ODT to DOCX format using C# .NET.

odt to word

ODT to Word conversion preview.

Given below are the details regarding above stated code snippet.

var config = new Configuration { ClientId = clientID, ClientSecret = clientSecret };
WordsApi wordsApi = new WordsApi(config);

Firstly, we need to create an instance of WordsApi class while passing the client credentials as arguments.


Upload input ODT file to Cloud storage, by passing the UploadFileRequest object as an argument to UploadFile(…) method.

GetDocumentWithFormatRequest request = new GetDocumentWithFormatRequest("inputFile.odt", "DOC", "", "resultant.doc");

Create an object of GetDocumentWithFormatRequest class where we pass the name of input ODT file, resultant format as DOC and name of output file as arguments.


Call the API to initiate the ODT to Word conversion operation.

Convert ODT to DOCX using cURL Commands

As an alternative, converting ODT files to Word documents using Aspose.Words Cloud through cURL commands offers a versatile and efficient approach for document conversion. This approach offers a plethora of benefits including simplicity and ease of use, rapid Integration, flexibility and customization, command-Line interface (CLI) integration etc. Therefore, by utilizing cURL commands with Aspose.Words Cloud, you can initiate and manage ODT to Word conversion without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

Now, the first step in this approach is to generate a JWT access token by executing the following command:

curl -v "https://api.aspose.cloud/connect/token" \
 -X POST \
 -d "grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=657e7b18-bbdb-4ab1-bf0a-62314331eec9&client_secret=c3bdccf30cae3625ecaa26700787e172" \
 -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" \
 -H "Accept: application/json"

Once we have the JWT token, please execute the following command to convert the ODT to DOCX format.

curl -v "https://api.aspose.cloud/v4.0/words/{inputFile}?format=DOC&outpath={outputFile}" 
-X GET \
-H "Authorization: Bearer {accessToken}" 

Replace inputFile with the name of ODT file already available in cloud storage, outputFile with the name of resultant DOC file to be generated and accessToken with JWT access token generated above.


In conclusion, whether you choose the comprehensive Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for .NET or the versatile cURL command approach to convert ODT files to Word documents, Aspose.Words Cloud stands as a robust solution. The SDK offers a programming-centric approach, providing extensive features and precise control over the conversion process. Developers can seamlessly integrate this solution into their .NET applications

On the other hand, the cURL command approach brings simplicity and ease of use to the forefront. It’s quick to set up and ideal for rapid integration, especially in cases where a simple and automated conversion process is required. Regardless of the approach, Aspose.Words Cloud simplifies ‘ODT to Word’ conversions, ensuring enhanced document interoperability and smoother communication across various platforms, ensuring accurate and tailored ‘ODT to DOC’ or ‘ODT to DOCX’ conversions with preserved formatting and layout.

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