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Aspose.Words exporter is a 100% Free WordPress posts and pages export plugin. In order to use this plugin, you even do not need to subscribe or signup. Just install the plugin over WordPress instance and start exporting …

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BarCode processing using C# .NET save to PNG | JPEG | TIFF | BMP

Aspose.Cloud provides developer-friendly, simple APIs that can be used on any platform for various document formats processing. The basic intent is to provide APIs which can make the developer’s life easy while manipulating file formats. In fact, …

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Manipulate Charts, Pivot tables, and Sparklines using Cloud API

Sparklines in Excel preview

In every new release, we are striving to introduce new features a recent release of Aspose.Cells Cloud 20.9, some new and very exciting features have been introduced so that our customers, make the best use of …

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C++ Cloud SDK for PowerPoint processing

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Aspose.Slides Cloud is one of our popular Cloud API offering the features to perform MS PowerPoint & OpenOffice presentation slides creation, processing, merging & conversion by simple cURL commands via REST API. Also, in order to facilitate …

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Manipulate Barcodes using Java Cloud SDK

In today’s fast-paced economies, BarCodes are an essential and viable solution for vendors and merchants to store product details. Furthermore, over the years, they have proved to be a valuable and viable choice for businesses looking to …

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Specify DefaultRegularFont during PPTX export

Fonts are an essential element in making documents more presentable. With the help of fonts, the information is presented in a more readable and manageable format. The Aspose.Slides Cloud API supports the feature to specify custom fonts …

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Chart Data and Categories Manipulation within PowerPoint presentation

Charts in PowerPoint presentation

The charts provide us a quick and concise mechanism to present the statistical data and enable the relevant stakeholders to make key decisions quickly. As the charts are comprised of data and their respective categories, so operations …

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Cloud API to merge multiple Word documents into one document

The MS Word files are popular office file formats for data processing and information sharing. Multiple resources work in organizations and produce numerous documents on a daily basis and for data archives, we may stumble upon a …

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Custom fonts for Text, Tables, Stamps, Header/Footer in PDF using Cloud API

The PDF file usually is comprised of 14 standard fonts but sometimes we stumble upon a requirement to use custom fonts for a better presentation of text. The custom fonts can be used with regular text, Watermark …

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