Add Text Box Field in PDF Document with Aspose.PDF Cloud

We’re happy to announce Aspose.PDF Cloud 19.9. With new release, the functionality of the API with PDF form fields is improved. Now you can add a Text Box field to PDF document, read all the Text Box fields from the PDF document, page or by name and update Text Box field in a PDF document with simple HTTP requests. In subsequent sections, I’ll give you and overview of these exciting features. You can check the release notes for the new version to get a complete list of new features and fixes.

Working with Text Box Field

The Text Box field allows the user to input variable information on PDF document. For example, information that is not constant or that cannot be predetermined with radio button choices, such as a name, department, or phone number. You can also create a text area where users can add multiline comments by setting Multiline property true.

Aspose.PDF Cloud API supports following operations with Text Box fields.

Now, let me show you how easily you can add a Text Box field in a PDF document and how to read the Text Box field from PDF documents? I am using Aspose.PDF Cloud SDK for .NET in this post. If you’re using some other programming language, then you can check SDK of your choice from our GitHub repository. It contains the SDKs of all popular programming language with complete source code of the SDK along with the working examples.

To use Aspose.PDF Cloud SDK for .NET, we just need to install it from the NuGet Package Manager in our project and here we go.

Add Text Box field

Get Text Box fields from PDF document

Get Text Box fields from PDF page

Get Text Box field by name

To learn more about Aspose.PDF Cloud using a free trial, all you need is to sign up with the Once you’ve signed up, you may go through the following useful resources of Aspose.PDF Cloud.

We are looking forward to your comments below or post a question or suggestion in the support forum. It helps us to continually improve and refine our API.