PDF is the defacto file type to present documents, including text formatting and images, in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. Aspose.PDF Cloud provides a number of operations that work seamlessly with your existing PDF documents, allowing you to convert to and from PDF formats, extract document information and manipulate your PDF documents on cloud storage of your choice.

There are two main types of PDF documents – those that are created electronically using PDF creation software and those that are created from a scanner or other photo-imaging equipment. PDF creation software actually builds a PDF document that has an internal structure, denoting characters, fonts and position – although the raw information makes little sense to the human eye. A scanned PDF is basically just a flat image of a document – hence, scanning a page of text results in a picture of words being represented on the screen. In order to take information from this sort of scanned PDF, OCR technology is required so that each character can be optically recognized and then represented.

Aspose.PDF Cloud provides a powerful inbuilt OCR engine that allows you to recognize and extract text tokens from PDF Documents. Using Aspose.PDF Cloud you can embed OCR layers in a PDF Document, allowing you to search and index your scanned PDF Documents.

Aspose.PDF Cloud OCR support

Aspose.PDF Cloud provides the below API for OCR support with PDF documents

The above resource accepts the following arguments

The language parameter supports recognition of the following language codes eng (English), ara (Arabic) , bel (Belarusian), ben (Bengali), bul (Bulgarian), ces (Czech), dan (Danish), deu (German), ell (Greek), fin (Finnish), fra (French), heb (Hebrew), hin (Hindi), ind (Indonesian), isl (Icelandic), ita (Italian), jpn (Japanese) , kor (Korean), nld (Dutch), nor (Norwegian), pol (Polish), por (Portuguese), ron (Romanian), rus (Russian), spa (Spanish), swe (Swedish), tha (Thai), tur (Turkish), ukr (Ukrainian), vie (Vietnamese), chi_sim (Chinese Simple), chi_tra
(Chinese Traditional) or their combination e.g. eng,rus etc.

Using cURL to add an OCR Layer for embedded images

For testing purposes, we are using a simple PDF with a single image on the first page.

Convert scanned pdf to searchable pdf

PDF containing text as an image

Read text from OCR Layer

Now that an OCR layer, we can read all text items from the PDF document. You can see the response contains tokens from our embedded image above. Please note this is a partial response.

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