Aspose Cloud APIs have take document manipulation experience to another level with a large collection of useful features. Aspose.Words Cloud has gained immense popularity among a large number of people around the world. Aspose.Words Cloud allows creating, editing and manipulating documents including MS Word documents in the cloud. You can extract text, convert documents to other file formats and work with a variety of document elements such as text, paragraph, formatting, form field, document sections, shapes, tables, bookmarks, hyperlinks etc. across any platform.

Aspose.Words Cloud offers to secure your MS Word documents from unauthorized access to modify the structure. You can protect your document to prevent others from making changes to the layout,content and structure of the documents.Aspose.Words Cloud allow you to assign a password to your document to make sure that only authorized access is permitted to edit the structure and layout such as set document property, append a list of documents etc.

Similarly, you can also unprotect the document to allow the access for making any changes to the document. Once you unprotect your MS Word documents by providing the existing password, the content and layout can be modified by anyone. Aspose.Words Cloud REST API offers to update the document protection. You can modify the existing password and choose a secure password for better protection for your documents.

You can refer to our comprehensive documentation that guides you through the complete features and examples of Aspose.Words Cloud. All you need to do is download the required SDK of Aspose.Words Cloud and enhance the productivity of your applications in the cloud. You can protect and unprotect MS Word documents easily using the feature rich Aspose.Words Cloud REST API.

REST and SDK Examples:

Protect Documents

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