Working with Shapes, Import CSV Data and Get Named Ranges supported in Aspose.Cells Cloud 1.4.0

Aspose.Cells Cloud’s platform independent document manipulation API is a true REST API that can be used with any language: .NET, Java, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Python, Node.js and many more. You can use it with any platform — web, desktop, mobile, and cloud. With Aspose.Cells Cloud, you can work with all aspects of spreadsheets e.g. worksheets, rows, columns, cells, text, data, images, links, comments, formulas, charts and save them to PDF, HTML, XPS and many other formats.
· Mshakeel Faiz · 2 min

Unit Tests for Aspose.BarCode APIs Added to Aspose Cloud Android SDK

[![Aspose.Barcode Cloud logo][1], two dimensional (2D), and postal formats. Generate barcode images in a variety of image formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and many others. Recognize barcodes from different image types. Aspose.Barcode Cloud allows you to control all aspects of the image and barcode when generating barcode images. Specify image width, height, border style, output image format and more. You can also set barcode attributes like font style, font color, background color, barcode type and the barcode text location.
· Muhammad Sohail · 2 min

Unit Tests for Aspose.Cells APIs Added to Aspose Cloud Android SDK

Aspose.Cells Cloud is a REST API that helps you create, manipulate and convert spreadsheets in the cloud. It allows you to work with all aspects of spreadsheets: worksheets, rows, columns, cells, text, data, images, links, comments, formulas, charts, and many more. Use Aspose.Cells Cloud to create spreadsheets from scratch, manipulate spreadsheets, and convert spreadsheets to other formats. Render a spreadsheet to image formats such as JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF and TIFF, or render charts and other objects to images.
· Muhammad Sohail · 2 min

Unit Tests for Aspose.Slides APIs Added to Aspose Cloud Android SDK

Aspose.Slides Cloud Aspose.Slides Cloud is a REST API which allows you to process presentations. It allows you to create, modify, and convert presentations and provides a wide variety of features for working with presentations in the cloud. You can convert a presentation to TIFF, PDF, XPS, PPTX, ODP, PPSX, PPTM, PPSM, POTX, POTM, HTML and image formats. Aspose.Slides Cloud allows you to extract different elements or a presentation including slide, text, color schemes, font schemes, shapes and images etc.
· Muhammad Sohail · 2 min

Aspose Newsletter, July 2013

SD Times 100 and Aspose Cloud APIs Aspose are delighted to find ourselves on the SD Times 100 list again this year. It’s an inspiring list and we’re pleased to be in the company of companies such as IBM and Microsoft (AML & Development Tools), Amazon and Google (The Cloud), and Android Open Source Project and Apply (Mobile). You’ll find us in the APIs, Libraries and Frameworks category. Considering that accolade, this seems the perfect time to tell you about our new platform: Aspose Cloud.
· Caroline Von Schmalensee · 5 min

Work with bookmarks in a PDF file using Aspose.PDF Cloud REST examples in PHP

Aspose.PDF for Cloud is a REST API that allows you to create, edit and convert PDF files to various formats like DOC, HTML, XPS, TIFF etc. You can also work with various elements of a PDF file like text,annotations, watermarks, attachments and document protection features. You can integrate Aspose.PDF for Cloud with other file format APIs to use a variety of features for better productivity of your application. Aspose.PDF for Cloud offers a powerful collection of features that help you manage bookmarks in PDF files.
· Fatima Rabbiya · 2 min

Work with attachments in PDF files using Aspose.PDF Cloud REST examples in PHP

PDF files are widely used among various types of documents as it holds the consistency of the document. You can create PDF files, edit those and manipulate according to your requirements using a variety of features supported by Aspose.PDF for Cloud. This REST API allows you to integrate the rich features of PDF files in your applications and provide you the best documentation experience. Aspose. PDF for Cloud offers you to extract text, extract images, manage bookmarks or you may choose to work with form fields of your PDF documents.
· Fatima Rabbiya · 2 min

Saaspose April 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to the April 2013 edition of the Saaspose Newsletter. This newsletter highlights the information about the latest updates in APIs, exciting new features New Pricing Plans As part of ongoing improvements to our service, we are updating the structure of our pricing plans. We’ll introduce more plans in-between the existing plans, adjust what the current plans include and introduce discounted 1 and 2 year plans. When creating the new price plans, we’ve taken account of customer feedback and real-world usage.
· Fatima Rabbiya · 4 min

Aspose Cloud REST API Documentation Changes Introduced During the Month of March 2013

Document processing and manipulation tasks were never so easy and quick before Aspose Cloud APIs. We have always put efforts to serve our customers with impeccable solutions and quality results. You can enjoy a whole new experience of processing your documents in the cloud through Aspose Cloud file format APIs such as Aspose.Words for Cloud, Aspose.Cells for Cloud, Aspose.Slides for Cloud, Aspose.PDF for Cloud etc. You can add pictures in the workbooks using Aspose Cloud.
· Fatima Rabbiya · 1 min

Aspose Cloud REST API Features Implemented in SDKs During the Month of March 2013

Aspose Cloud has provided a collection of File Format APIs to help you manipulate your documents and enhance the productivity of your applications. You can manipulate your documents in the cloud and integrate the features in your applications to enhance the productivity.We have provided SDK examples for different programming languages like .NET, Java, PHP and Ruby. You can utilize these SDKs to integrate Aspose Cloud file format APIs in your applications across any platform.
· Fatima Rabbiya · 1 min