Aspose.OCR Cloud is a REST API for optical character recognition and document scanning.Aspose.OCR Cloud API also supports character recognition for multiple languages such as English, French and Spanish. The accuracy, high speed and ease of use make Aspose.OCR Cloud the perfect choice for text extraction from images in cloud. Previously, we have provided SDK and REST examples for text extraction from images in different programming languages such as .NET, RUBY and Java. We have recently added examples in PHP that you can utilize in your applications and enjoy the effective text extraction feature.

Aspose.OCR Cloud supports text extraction from whole images and a specific block of an image as well. There are two approaches to extract the text from images such as documents, PDFs, or TIFF images. The first method involves the process of file uploading on Aspose Cloud storage using [Aspose Cloud][1]. Once the file is uploaded on the storage, you can extract the text from image using Aspose.OCR Cloud examples in PHP.

The second method is that you can directly extract image text from files on your local system using Aspose.OCR Cloud REST API and SDKs without saving the file to Aspose Cloud storage. Using the file path or stream, you can extract text from images or you may choose to extract text from a specific block of an image. The file is sent through request stream to Aspose Cloud servers, processed and the output is sent back as response stream and the file is not saved on Aspose Cloud storage. It is a single call process that uploads the file to server, extracts the text from image, sends image text back as response stream and deletes the source file from the server.

REST and SDK Examples:

Extract Text from Images

Extract Text from a Specific Block

Extract Text from Images without using Storage

For more information, please refer to [Aspose Cloud][2]. Saapose.OCR supports optical character recognition for whole image, partial image or a specific rectangular area of an image file. This feature-rich API not only allows you to manipulate your image files for text extraction but you can also combine multiple REST APIs to enhance your application.

Get started with Aspose.OCR Cloud API now enjoy a whole new experience of optical character recognition and document scanning in the cloud. You can opt for free development account that enables you to evaluate all of our APIs. Stay tuned to our [blogs][3] and newsletter for latest updates on Aspose Cloud APIs. You may write to us in case of any queries or confusions.

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