We have previously shared that the Aspose Cloud SDK for Android has been released to facilitate the Android developers with feature-rich APIs round the globe. Let it be text extraction from images, merging multiple presentations or conversion of different file formats, Aspose Cloud APIs provides a wide range of useful and productive features that yield quality results. You can download our SDKs in different programming languages such as .NET, Java, PHP and Ruby from Github. Aspose Cloud has published a demo application for Android SDK. The sample project allows you to test Aspose Cloud SDK in your Android applications quickly and easily.

You can integrate this demo application in your applications and enjoy a whole new experience of document manipulation on your Android devices. This demo is composed of the features commonly used by other sections of the SDK and the features to work with Aspose Cloud storage. This adds great benefit for the Android developers as our SDKs enable them achieve the desired results through simple and efficient steps in no time. The sample project contains feature examples for REST APIs like Aspose Cloud.Barcode, Aspose Cloud.Words, Aspose Cloud.Cells, Aspose Cloud.PDF and Aspose Cloud.Slides.

For instance, you can extract text from documents, calculate formula in worksheets, convert PDF to images, extract images and slides from presentations and perform many such operations on the documents in your Android applications. In order to manipulate any files, you first need to upload them to the Aspose Cloud storage using storage manipulation code. The Aspose Cloud SDK for Android allows you to save the output files at your specified location.

Please refer to our comprehensive documentation of these file format APIs for more information and details on the features and SDKs. If you are not a part of Aspose Cloud family, sign up now and integrate the feature-rich APIs in your Android applications. You can opt for the free development account to evaluate these APIs for your Android applications. Stay tuned to our blogs for latest updates on Android SDKs and the release announcements. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries, confusions or suggestions regarding Aspose Cloud SDKs for Android.