Aspose for Cloud APIs allow you to manipulate your documents in the cloud and provide features that improve the productivity of your applications. These file format APIs have been designed with a variety of features to manipulate documents in the cloud across any platform. We have provided SDK and REST examples for these REST APIs in different programming languages such as .NET, RUBY,Java, PHP and Python that you can utilize in your application.The business requirements of your applications may you require to convert presentations to MS Word documents. You can then manipulate the converted document with a wide range of features.

Aspose.Slides for Cloud allows you to process presentations; create, modify, and convert presentations. Aspose.Words for Cloud is a REST based API that allows you to create, edit and manipulate documents in the cloud. Aspose.Slides for Cloud enables you to convert presentations to the supported file formats using convert controller resource. You can directly convert the presentations on your local system using Aspose.Slides for Cloud without saving the file to Aspose Cloud Storage. Aspose.Slides for Cloud allows you to upload the desired file to Aspose Cloud Storage using Aspose Cloud REST API. Then you can convert the uploaded file to MS Word format using Aspose.Slides for Cloud REST examples.

Once you have converted the slides to MS Word document, you can then manipulate it with a variety of features using Aspose.Words for Cloud. You can convert drawing object to image, or you may choose to extract ole data from a drawing object. You can also add watermark image or watermark text to a Word document. Using Aspose.Words for Cloud REST API,you can choose to specify a region within your document and perform mail merge operation for that specific region or you can also execute mail merge without regions.

We have SDK and REST examples for different programming languages that you can utilize to convert presentations and manipulate MS Word documents.

Aspose.Slides for Cloud Examples:

Convert PowerPoint documents to different file formats without using storage

Save PowerPoint documents to other formats

Save a presentation from Amazon S3 storage to other formats

Aspose.Words for Cloud Examples:

Add Watermark Image to a Word Document

Convert Drawing Object to Image

Execute Mail Merge Template

[Extract][9] Ole Data from a Drawing Object at Amazon S3 Storage

Please refer to [Aspose.Slides for Cloud][10] and [Aspose.Words for Cloud][11] documentation for more details. . [Get started][12] with Aspose Cloud APIs right away and enjoy a whole new experience of document manipulations. You can opt for [free development account][13] to evaluate these APIs for your application. Stay tuned to our [blogs][14] for the latest news and updates. Please [write to us][15] in case of any queries or your requirements of using a combination of REST APIs to produce better results.

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