Managing and presenting the data through presentations is quite a popular approach among a number of people. PowerPoint presentations bring visual impact to your data and provide a number of features to captivate your audience. Aspose.Slides for Cloud is a REST based API that helps you to create, edit and manipulate the slides in the cloud.You can extract shapes, manage document properties, replace text or convert presentations to the other file formats.

Aspose for Cloud storage is the default storage for uploading the files and processing them with Aspose.Slides for Cloud. You can manipulate your presentations uploaded at Amazon S3 Storage using Aspose.Slides for Cloud REST API. Previously, we have explained how to integrate Amazon S3 storage with Aspose Cloud File Format APIs. You can work on various aspects of presentations by uploading them at storage and incorporating the required features supported by Aspose.Slides for Cloud API.

You can save a presentation uploaded at Amazon S3 storage to other formats. You can also convert a slide uploaded at Amazon S3 Storage to image with default size.Aspose.Slides for Cloud allows you to delete all slides from a presentation uploaded at Amazon S3 Storage and you may choose to get [][9] [][10] uplaoded at Amazon S3 storage.

Similarly, you can [extract shapes][11] from a particular slide uploaded at Amazon S3 storage by using [Aspose.Slides for Cloud][12] in your applications. Aspose.Slides for Cloud offers to get image count from a presentation uploaded at Amazon S3 storage. You can also [extract text items from a presentation][13] or a slide uploaded at Amazon S3 storage.

Integration of Amazon S3 storage has added the flexibility to work with presentations with a variety of features on the external storage provider. You can upload your files on Amazon S3 storage and use [Aspose.Slides for Cloud REST API][14] URIs to perform multiple operations on the presentation slides. You can utilize our [SDK][15] and [REST][16] examples to work with presentations across any platform. All you need to do is download the required SDK and get started with [Aspose.Slides for Cloud][17] feature-rich API.

For more information, please refer to [Aspose.Slides for Cloud documentation][18]. You can also get a [free Aspose Cloud account][19] for evaluation purposes, [sign up][20] today and start using Aspose Cloud APIs to process your files uploaded at Amazon S3 storage. Stay tuned to our [blogs][21] for more updates and announcements.

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