Manipulate your documents uploaded at Amazon S3 Storage using Aspose.Words Cloud REST API

MS Word documents are widely used by a number of people from different walks of life. There are several tools and features that help in processing the documents. Aspose.Words Cloud is a REST API that allows you to manipulate your documents including MS Word documents using a number of features. You can create, edit and convert your documents to other file formats. Aspose Cloud storage is the default storage for uploading the files and processing them with Aspose.
· Fatima Rabbiya · 3 min

Manipulate your presentations uploaded at Amazon S3 Storage using Aspose.Slides Cloud

Managing and presenting the data through presentations is quite a popular approach among a number of people. PowerPoint presentations bring visual impact to your data and provide a number of features to captivate your audience. Aspose.Slides for Cloud is a REST based API that helps you to create, edit and manipulate the slides in the cloud.You can extract shapes, manage document properties, replace text or convert presentations to the other file formats.
· Fatima Rabbiya · 2 min

Extract images from different file formats using Aspose Cloud REST APIs

Aspose Cloud provides different file format APIs to integrate in your applications and benefit from various useful features. Aspose Cloud has made it quite easy for the web and mobile app developers to work with file formats such as MS Word documents, presentations, spreadsheets and PDFs in their applications. You can choose from a variety of features and enhance the productivity and performance of your applications in the cloud. Aspose Cloud APIs offer various types of features to add kinds of common tasks to your web app such as text and image extraction, file conversion, barcode generation and recognition etc.
· Fatima Rabbiya · 2 min

Extract text from images of PDF files using Aspose.PDF Cloud and Aspose.OCR Cloud

PDF files are widely used among developers as these are easy to create and manipulate with maximum security. PDF files are portable and support interactive functions that make it more popular among different file formats. Now, there might be scenarios where you need to extract text from PDF files, Aspose.PDF Cloud allows you to extract text from PDF files in no time. You can also extract text from images using a combination of features of two REST APIs i.
· Fatima Rabbiya · 2 min