Charts are one of the important components for presenting information during presentations. When facts and figures are backed up with appropriate and corresponding graphs, charts, or tables in a PPT, the information presented becomes stronger and impactful. Apart from carrying a great visual appeal, these graphs, charts, or tables impart relevant business information to your target audiences in an arranged manner. In this article, we are going to discuss the steps on how to create or modify charts in PowerPoint using REST API.

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Benefits of Charts in PPT

We can derive many benefits of delivering data in different graphs, charts, or tables in a PPT:

  1. Graphs, charts, pictorial diagrams, or tables present information in a concise, consistent, and compact style. Target-audiences grasp the meaning of the data quickly.
  2. They are visually more engaging than plain textual content. And your PPT automatically becomes more engaging with their rightful assimilations.
  3. Audiences always want to draw some conclusions from the slides and they help to understand the core conclusion of the presentation.
  4. Making assessments of facts becomes easier as visual modes allow comparison of different data and numbers.
  5. More can be said, more facts can be accommodated and arranged in a terse manner, which is the beauty of graphs and charts in a PPT.
  6. They help your prospective clients make important inferences on different finer aspects of your business on different comprehensible parameters.

PowerPoint processing API

Aspose.Slides Cloud is REST based API providing the capabilities to create and manipulate PowerPoint and OpenOffice presentation files. In the recent release version, the new resource is a subresource of shape. It works only for Chart shapes and allows us to add, modify & delete chart series.

Add Series to Chart


Request Body

{ "dataPointType": "OneValue", "dataPoints": [{ "value": 5.5</code> <code>}, { "value": 76</code> <code>}, { "value": 27</code> <code>}] }

Update Chart Series


Request Body

{ "dataPointType": "OneValue", "dataPoints": [{ "value": 5.5</code> <code>}, { "value": 76</code> <code>}, { "value": 27</code> <code>}] }

Delete Chart Series


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