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PDF to PowerPoint Conversion | Online PDF to PPT Conversion API

PDF files provide the capability to maintain the fidelity of the document irrespective of application software, hardware, and Operating System. Therefore, Portable Document Format (PDF) is widely popular due to its unique feature of maintaining formatting and aspect ratio of elements. Similarly, for most official representations of information, PowerPoint presentations (PPTX, PPT, PPTM, ODP, OTP, etc) are commonly used. So while creating the presentation documents, we may receive the information in PDF format which needs to be incorporated into PowerPoint presentation format. However, if we need to perform the conversion for a bulk of documents, it gets really cumbersome. Therefore, a programming solution is a viable approach.

In this blog, we are going to shed some light on the following topics

Cloud APIs

Our cloud solutions are quite unique in terms of the features and services they offer. Offering the same capabilities that we attained over all these years in the form of RESTful APIs. No software installation is required and even you can perform the document/file processing through a command prompt using cURL commands. During this document processing, you can provide the input file as an input argument or load the file already available on cloud storage.

PowerPoint Conversion API

Aspose.Slides Cloud is one of our leading file format API providing services specifically for PowerPoint presentation processing. You can use the API to create, manipulate as well as transform the PowerPoint presentation formats to other supported formats. Therefore, it also provides the capabilities to transform PPTX files to PDF format, and similarly, you can convert PDF to PPTX format.

Convert PDF to PowerPoint in C#

The following options show the steps on how to load a PDF file and render it to PPTX format. In case the specified resultant file is not present, a new file is generated, and if a file with the same name exists on cloud storage, the pages of the newly loaded PDF file are appended as separate slides at the end of the previous presentation.

  • First, you need to create an object of SlidesApi while providing your exclusive Client ID and Client Secret keys 🔑 (they can be obtained from dashboard.aspose.cloud)
  • Load a file from local storage into a Stream object
  • Create an object of PostSlidesDocumentFromPdfRequest class and specify resultant file against Name property
  • Specify input PDF loaded into stream object above
  • Call PostSlidesDocumentFromPdf(…) method to perform the conversion operation


Sample files used in above example Converted.pdf and Resultant.pptx.

PPT to PDF Converter using C#

The conversion of PowerPoint presentations to PDF format is also quite convenient.

  • The first step is to get your personalized Client ID and Client Secret from dashboard.aspose.cloud
  • Then create an object of SlidesApi while providing Client ID and Client Secret
  • Load the input PPTX into the Stream instance
  • Create an object of PostSlidesConvertRequest class while providing input Presentation and ExportFormat.Pdf enumeration value as an argument to its constructor
  • Class PostSlidesConvert(..) method to initiate the conversion process
  • Finally, save the output over local storage in PDF format



In this article, we have explored the details of PDF to PowerPoint as well as PowerPoint to PDF conversion using C# .NET code snippet. So after following these steps, we managed to develop our own PDF to PPT converter. Similarly, the API is so amazing that it also facilitates us to convert PPT to PDF with fewer code lines. You may learn about other amazing features being offered by Cloud API by visiting Developers Guide. Furthermore, the complete source code of REST API is available on GitHub.

Want to see API in Action ! Try using our free online PDF Import app for PDF to PowerPoint conversion.