Pivot table and Pivot graphs in Excel

A pivot table is a tool in consolidating a large quantity of data that is contained in Microsoft Excel. They let the user make a faster conclusion from data being collected. Pivot table consists of columns, rows, pages, and data fields and they assist in expanding, isolating, summarizing, and grouping the specific data. Also, the pivot tables let you take a huge amount of data and work on it in such a manner that you need only to view a small number of data fields. Some other benefits of the Pivot table include

  • Pivot Table makes data analysis easier
  • Pivot tables can create instant data
  • Pivot Tables are user-friendly
  • Pivot table summarizes data easily
  • Pivot table assists in finding data patterns
  • Pivot table creates accurate reports faster
  • Pivot tables can help in making decisions faster

Add Pivot Table to Excel file

Aspose.Cells Cloud API provides a set of classes that enable you to add a pivot table to Excel worksheets. The PutWorksheetPivotTable method allows you to add a new Pivot table in excel worksheet. In order to add the table, we need to provide the following arguments

  • name(string) - Name of excel file to which we need to add the pivot table.
  • sheetName(string) - The worksheet name where you want to add a pivot table.
  • sourceData(string) - The datasource for a pivot table.
  • destCellName(string) - The cell in the upper-left corner of the PivotTable report’s destination range.
  • tableName(string) - The name of the new PivotTable report.
  • useSameSource (boolean) - Indicates whether using the same data source when another existing pivot table has used this data source.

cURL command

curl -X PUT "https://api.aspose.cloud/v3.0/cells/Family%20Budget1.xlsx/worksheets/Sheet1/pivottables?sourceData='Current%20Month'!%24B%2427%3A%24E%2446&destCellName=B14&tableName=Pivot1&useSameSource=true" -H  "accept: application/json" -H  "authorization: Bearer <JWT Token>"

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