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The exclusive features of PDF files make them stand out among various other file formats. PDF files support cross platform acceptability and document level security that makes is a perfect choice to use over a network. Aspose.PDF for Cloud is a REST API for creating and editing PDF files. It offers a variety of features regarding various elements of a PDF file such as text, image, links, attachments, bookmarks, annotations, etc. A PDF file can also be rendered to JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and many other image formats using Aspose.PDF for Cloud.

You can split PDF files by using Aspose.PDF for Cloud REST API in your applications. Aspose.PDF for Cloud offers to split hundreds of pages of a file into different documents. You may choose the file format while splitting the document such as a new PDF, image, MS Word documents, etc. The formatting information and content of the document is maintained during the split process and the new files have the same formatting and style. Using this feature-rich API in your applications, you can split all pages of the PDF files into new PDFs and maintain their file names as well. You can also choose to split specific pages to new PDFs from a single file.

You can directly split the documents on your local system using Aspose.PDF for Cloud REST API and SDKs without saving the file to Aspose Cloud Storage. It is a single call process that uses split document controller resource ; it uploads the files to server, splits the PDF files, sends the processed file back as response stream and deletes the source files from the server. You can also split the PDF files uploaded at Amazon S3 storage using Aspose.PDF for Cloud in your applications.

You can utilize our SDK and REST examples to split PDF files in the cloud. All you need to do is download the required SDK from Github and incorporate the useful features into your application.

REST and SDK examples:

[Split][8] PDF files

Split PDF documents

Please refer to [Aspose.PDF for Cloud documentation][9] for more information and details. You can integrate Aspose.PDF for Cloud with other file format APIs to use a variety of features for better productivity of your application. Get started with Aspose Cloud APIs and enjoy a whole new experience of documents processing in the cloud. Our [free development account][10] offers to evaluate Aspose Cloud APIs; you can then choose a pricing plan that suits your requirements. Stay tuned to our [blogs][11] for more updates and announcements.

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