Split Word DOC/DOCX Pages to Multiple Documents in C#

Split Microsoft Word Documents DOCX/DOC files to separate files. Split large ms word documents and convert pages of Word documents to PDF in C# .NET.
· Farhan Raza · 3 min

Split PDF files using Aspose.PDF Cloud REST API

The exclusive features of PDF files make them stand out among various other file formats. PDF files support cross platform acceptability and document level security that makes is a perfect choice to use over a network. Aspose.PDF for Cloud is a REST API for creating and editing PDF files. It offers a variety of features regarding various elements of a PDF file such as text, image, links, attachments, bookmarks, annotations, etc.
· Fatima Rabbiya · 3 min

Split MS Word documents using Aspose.Words Cloud REST API

Aspose Cloud APIs has made it quite easy for the web and mobile app developers to work with file formats such as MS Word documents, presentations, spreadsheets and PDFs in their applications. MS Word documents are one of the most popular file formats used among a number of people. Aspose.Words Cloud is a REST base API that helps to create, manipulate and convert documents to other file formats in the cloud.
· Fatima Rabbiya · 3 min