PDF files provide an easy and secure approach for data transmission and sharing via emails, that makes it stand out among various other file formats. Aspose.PDF for Cloud is a REST based API that allows to create, edit, manipulate and convert PDF files to HTML and other formats in the cloud. Whether its text extraction, image extraction or conversion, Aspose.PDF for Cloud has it all in this REST API.

While working with HTML pages, there might be scenarios where you need to generate the printable version. Usually there are layout issues that occur in the printable HTML such as fitting the content into the print preview screen etc. Aspose.PDF for Cloud REST API is the perfect solution that lets you create PDF from web pages and raw HTML code in your applications.

You can create a PDF file from HTML templates and the components of the HTML are retained in the PDF file. PDF files support interactive functions such as hyperlinks, markup, file attachments, annotations, PDF files can be created from XML, HTMLs etc. Aspose.PDF for Cloud assures that these functions are retained in the PDF files created from HTML templates. As it is a REST API, you only need to consume its REST interface in your application.

REST and SDK Example:

Create PDFs from HTML Templates

For more details, please refer to Aspose.PDF for Cloud documentation. You can create PDF files using Aspose.PDF for Cloud REST APIor you can also choose to convert doc to PDF, xls to PDF, slides to PDF using Aspose Cloud APIs. You can integrate the features into your application using any programming language of your choice. Get started with this feature rich API and create PDF files from HTML templates. You can also opt for our free development account for evaluation of Aspose Cloud APIs. Keep tuned in to our blogs for more updates and announcements.

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