Aspose for Cloud APIs support different kinds of document processing and manipulation tasks for MS Word documents, presentations, worksheets and images through web or mobile applications in the cloud. These file format APIs have been designed with a variety of features to manipulate documents in the cloud across any platform. We have provided SDK and REST examples for these REST APIs in different programming languages such as .NET, RUBY, Java and PHP that you can utilize in your application.

The business requirements of your applications may you require to convert workbooks to slides. You can then merge presentation with other presentations. In such scenarios, Aspose.Cells for [][4] and [Aspose.Slides for Cloud][5] make the perfect combination of APIs for your application. Aspose.Cells for Cloud is a REST API that helps you create, manipulate and convert spreadsheets in the cloud. Aspose.Slides for Cloud allows you to process presentations; create, modify, and convert presentations in the cloud. Using a combination of these two REST APIs, you can convert a workbook and merge multiple presentations.

[Aspose.Cells for Cloud][6] provides support for conversion of workbooks to slides. Using Aspose.Cells for Cloud REST examples and SDKs, you can [convert workbooks to presentations][7] in no time. The conversion process is a quick and easy process with Aspose.Cells for Cloud and the formatting information and data is retained in the converted format i.e. presentation. This is quite a useful aspect of workbooks where you want to represent your analytical data as presentations and slides. Once you have converted the workbook to presentation, you can then merge it with multiple presentations through Aspose.Slides for Cloud.

You can merge multiple presentations into a single presentation using [Aspose.Slides for Cloud REST API][8] in your application. You can upload all the input files i.e. different presentations to be merged on Aspose Cloud Storage and execute this feature. Once the files are merged, you can download the merged presentation file from Aspose Cloud Storage. You can also directly [merge the presentations][9] on your local system using Aspose.Slides for Cloud REST API and SDKs without saving the file to Aspose Cloud Storage.

We have SDK and REST examples for different programming languages that you can utilize to [convert workbooks][10] and [merge presentations][11].

Aspose.Cells for Cloud Example:

Convert Workbook to different file formats

Aspose.Slides for Cloud Example:

Merge multiple presentations

For more information, please refer to [Aspose.Cells for Cloud][12] and [Aspose.Slides for Cloud][13] documentation. Using a combination of these two REST APIs, you can easily achieve quality results of workbook conversion and merging multiple presentations. Please [write to us][14] in case of any queries or your requirements of using a combination of REST APIs to produce better results. Stay tuned to our [blogs][15] for more updates and announcements.

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