Online documents have gained enormous popularity in the era of emerging technologies. Whether it is storage of analytical data, or conversion of images to documents, different file formats play a great role in minimizing the manual work. Aspose Cloud has a set of REST APIs that supports file formats such as MS Word documents, PDF files, spreadsheets etc. and offers a variety of features to process the online documents in the cloud. Aspose.Words Cloud is a REST based API that allows you to create, edit and manipulate documents in the cloud.

You can convert the documents to the different file formats through Aspose.Words Cloud such as TIFF, PDF, XPS, TIFF, PDF, HTML, SWF etc. This REST API ensures that the format and quality of original documents is retained. You can either convert document by using the uploaded document on Aspose Cloud storage, Amazon S3 storage etc. or send the document as request stream to Aspose Cloud API. Previously, we have provided examples for different programming languages such as Java, .NET and PHP; we are pleased to announce that you can now use Aspose.Words Cloud REST examples in Ruby as well.

You can either invoke these REST operations directly using your own code or you can use a REST client for your particular language. You can upload the document to Aspose Cloud storage or Amazon S3 storage using Aspose Cloud REST API. Once it’s uploaded, you can convert the uploaded file to desired document format using Aspose.Words Cloud REST API in Ruby.

Another approach is to convert document on local system using Aspose.Words Cloud REST API or SDKs without saving the file to Aspose Cloud Storage. You can use the file path or stream to convert the local document to different file formats using Aspose.Words Cloud API. It is a single call process that uses convert controller resource; it uploads the document to server as stream, converts the document to desired file format, sends the converted file back as response stream and deletes the source document from the server.

REST and SDK Examples:

Convert Word documents to other formats from Amazon S3 Storage

Convert Document to Different File Format without Using Storage

For more information, please refer to Aspose.Words Cloud documentation. Sign up at Aspose Cloud and enjoy a whole new experience of document processing or you may opt for free development account to evaluate our APIs. Please write to us in case of any queries, confusion or suggestions. Stay tuned to our blogs for more updated and announcements.