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Portable Document Format (PDF) file is a format which is independent of application software, hardware as well as Operating System. PDF files can be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader/Writer as well in most modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox via extensions/plug-ins. They usually contain information like text, images, hyperlinks, form-fields, rich media, digital signatures, attachments, metadata, Geospatial features, and 3D objects. Due to all such capabilities, they are popular data sharing format. So in order to share the WordPress webpage or blog, you need to publish them and share the respective URL. However, for data archive purposes, we need to export them to a format which is shall preserve the information for a longer period of time as well as fidelity of the content is not compromised. In such cases, PDF format is one of the best options.

Free WordPress export plugin

Aspose.PDF Cloud is our popular PDF document creation and manipulation cloud API and many users are already using it in desktop & cloud-based applications with the help of their favorite programming language. Though we also have language-specific Cloud SDKs and in order to cater to the requirement for WordPress users, we have developed a plugin to extend Aspose.PDF Cloud features to WordPress platform.

Plugin Installation

The plugin can be installed using either of the following approaches

  • Installation through Marketplace
  • Installation using .ZIP package

Installation through Marketplace

In the WordPress Admin, click Plugins link from the left menu and click Add New button. Enter Aspose.PDF Exporter in the search field and hit the Enter key. The search results will be displayed over the page.

Aspose.PDF Exporter search results
Image 1:- Aspose.PDF Exporter appearing as a search result.

Now click the Install Now button under the Aspose.PDF Exporter option.

The Next step is to Activate the plugin. Therefore, click the Activate button. It will take you to the Plugins page and now click Settings hyperlink appearing against the Aspose.PDF Exporter plugin.

Settings link for Aspose.PDF Exporter plugin
Image 2:- Aspose.PDF Exporter plugin settings link.

Installation using .ZIP package

As an alternative approach, the plugin can also be installed using .zip archive package. Visit Aspose.PDF Exporter page on WordPress plugins section and download aspose-pdf-exporter.zip package.

Now under the Plugins section over WordPress Admin, click Add New button. Now click the Upload plugins button and provide the path to aspose-pdf-exporter.zip archive location over the system. Then click the Install Now button.

Aspose.PDF Exporter plugin installation with .zip file
Image 3:- Installation of Aspose.PDF Exporter plugin through the ZIP file.

Before we start using the Plugin, we need to activate it and therefore, click the Activate Plugin button.

Link to Activate Plugin
Image 4:- Link to Activate PDF Exporter plugin.

Activation of the Export plugin

In order to use the plugin, you need to activate it first by providing your personalized App Key and App SID. In case you do not have the App Key or App SID, sign up free on aspose.cloud dashboard. Click Settings link on the Plugin page under Aspose.PDF Exporter to provide the App Key and App SID.

App SID and App Key provision fields.
Image 5:- Activate the plugin using App Key and App SID.

Export the pages

Click the Pages link from the left menu and from the tabular list, enable the checkbox for one or more entries listed. Click Bulk Action drop-down and select Aspose Export to PDF option (as shown in the image below). Then click the Apply button. A dialog to save the file on the system will appear.

Export to PDF option from Bulk Action menu.
Image 6:- Export to PDF option from the Bulk Action menu.

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