Aspose.Words Cloud provides the best experience for manipulating your online documents such as MS Word documents in the cloud. You can work with a variety of document elements such as text, paragraph, formatting, form field, document sections, shapes, tables, bookmarks, hyperlinks etc. across any platform. During the month of January 2013, we have added some features that you can use to manipulate your documents.

You can convert the documents to different file formats through Aspose.Words Cloud such as TIFF, PDF, XPS, TIFF, PDF, HTML, SWF etc. . You can either convert document by using the uploaded document on Aspose Cloud storage or send the document as request stream to Aspose Cloud API.

You can also protect the documents, remove the document protection or you may choose to update document protection. Following is a list of changes made in Aspose.Words Cloud documentation during the month of January 2013:

PHP Examples:

Ruby Examples: