Aspose.Words Cloud is a market leading REST API, for manipulation of Word files and report generation without dependency of Microsoft Word. Aspose.Words extended the standard Mail Merge feature of Microsoft Word and Mustache template to advance level, turning Aspose.Words API into a full-fledged reporting solution that allows you to generate even more complex documents such as reports, catalogs, inventories, and invoices.

We are pleased to announce Aspose.Words Cloud 19.5. Are you using Mail Merge and Mustache templates for reporting? In that case, you have to call two different APIs for Mail Merge and Mustache templates, “ExecuteMailMerge” and “ExecuteTemplate” methods respectively. But in Aspose.Words Cloud 19.5 release, we have simplified the reporting feature by replacing these methods with a single “MailMerge” method which can be used with both template types. Please check Mail Merge Documentation for more details to use the same method for both types of templates.

MailMerge Template

Mustache Template

Another important change in new release is change of insertPageNumbers method to PageNumbers.


And if you have not already had a chance to try Aspose.Words Cloud REST API, simply start a free trial today. All you need is to sign up with the Once you have signed up, you are ready to try the powerful file processing features offered by Following are some useful resources of Aspose.Words Cloud you may need to accomplish your tasks.


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