Guys! We have a great news for you. Aspose.Slides Cloud 19.5 is released. It is not a routine monthly release, but with some major changes in the RESTful API that takes it to the next level of reliability and availability. In new release, we have implemented Aspose.Slides Cloud as Microservice and introduced new API Version V3. Along with this internal architectural change, we have introduced many other important features in this release that make the API first choice of developers for creation and manipulation of PowerPoint Presentations on any platform. Let me share some overview of newly added features/enhancements in subsequent sections. However, please check the detailed release notes of this version to get an idea about all the new features/enhancements and fixes made in this release.

What’s New

Following are some notable changes from the new release:

  • Introduction of API version 3.0, API version v1.1 will remain available

  • Introduction of JWT(JSON Web Token) authentication , now OAuth2 and URL signing authentication methods are obsolete

  • Storage API is now available as part of Slides API

    • File API - Methods for upload, download, copy, move, delete files in the cloud storage
    • Folder API - Methods for create, copy, move, delete folders in the cloud storage
    • Storage API - Methods for getting storage information
  • Animation API has been added. API offers a wide range of options for applying various types of animation effects on the shapes in the presentation

  • format query string parameter and saveAs resource are replaced by format path parameter. This applies to presentation, slide, notes slide, shape and image.Format in convert resource is also specified in path instead of query

  • All response objects have the following changes:

    • Code and Status properties are removed. Inspect HTTP response to retrieve them

    • The data properties are moved level up. Their properties are now root properties of response DTO. For example, Document in document response, Slides in slides response, Slide in slide response, ShapeList in shapes response etc.

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Working with Animation

Animations make presentations, eye catching and attractive for the viewers. We already support Animations in Aspose.Slides for .NET. Now we have introduced Animation feature in Aspose.Slides Cloud as well. You can apply a vast range of effects to the shapes. As every element on the slide including text, pictures, OLE Object, table, etc is considered as a shape, so it means we can apply animation effects on every element of a slide.

Animation method represents animation sequences of a slide. You can get animation info of any slide, update mainsequence and interactivesequence elements of a Slide with Aspose.Slides Cloud. Please check documentation for more details.

Here, we will show how easily you can apply animation to shapes in a slide using cURL for the REST API requests along some other new features of this release. There are other SDKs available to use Aspose.Slides Cloud API directly in your favorite platform.

Following steps are involved in this example:

  • Get JWT authentication code
  • Upload source file to storage
  • Update Slide Animation
  • Download updated source file

Get JWT authentication code

Upload source file to storage

We are uploading source file to default storage of using new File API. However, you can also use 3rd party storage as well.

Update Slide Animation

We will update the slide animation of the source file from the storage as follows. We will create the main animation sequence with two effects and an interactive sequence. All existing animation will be removed.

Please note, while updating the slide animation, If mainSequence element is specified, all existing main sequence effects will be removed. Otherwise, they will remain unchanged.

And if interactiveSequences element is specified, all existing interactive sequences will be removed. Otherwise, they will remain unchanged.

Download File

File API is used to download files form storage. We will download updated slide with animation from storage to local drive.


To learn more about Aspose.Slides Cloud REST API, visit our developer resources: