New Features

  • Added feature to [find and replace all occurrences of a character pattern specified by a Regular Expression][2] (also see replaceText (Controller Resource))
  • Added feature to insert image in Word document (see drawingObjects Resource)

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[1]: “find and replace”)]( Cloud, a cloud-based document creation, manipulation and conversion API, helps you process documents with its many flexible features. You can perform a wide variety of document operations with Aspose.Words Cloud’s REST API. Create a new document from scratch, modify an existing document, find and replace text, convert documents to different formats, and render the document to images. Aspose.Words Cloud’s platform independent document manipulation API is a true REST API that can be used with any language: .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Python, jQuery and many more. You can use it with any platform — web, desktop, mobile, and cloud. The API integrates with other cloud services to give you the flexibility you need when processing documents. It is suitable for any type of business, document, or content. [Learn more about Aspose.Words Cloud]( [2]: [3]: