Insert Image, Find and Replace Text in Word document using Regex with Aspose.Words Cloud 1.23

You can find and replace text in word documents with Regex. Search text in DOCX or DOC file and replace that text in word documents.
· Awais Hafeez · 2 min

Convert XML Templates to DOC or DOCX using Aspose.Words Cloud REST API

Aspose.Words Cloud is a feature-rich API that allows working with documents including MS Word documents in the cloud. You can manipulate your documents through a number of features and work with various aspects of a document such as managing document properties, extract image or text, convert to other file formats etc. Like rest of the Aspose Cloud APIs, Aspose.Words Cloud is platform independent and can be used with different programming languages.
· Fatima Rabbiya · 2 min

Create and Convert PDF & Word Document Formats using Aspose.Words Cloud

We have had lots of questions about the capabilities of Aspose.Words Cloud, so we’ve updated our website will a full feature list for all our APIs. Aspose.Words Cloud includes all the required functionality for working with Word Processing file formats starting with the most popular Microsoft formats: DOC and DOCX and Adobe PDF files. Aspose.Words Cloud provides more than just a document conversion API, but also helps your applications create documents from scratch or from templates, extract structured text and Images from documents, find and replace text embed or recognize barcodes within documents and much, much more.
· Billy Lundie · 1 min