Aspose.Words Cloud is a REST API that allows you to manipulate your documents through a number of features and work with various aspects of MS Word documents. Being platform independent, it supports a number of programming languages such as .NET, Java, Ruby and PHP to provide the flexibility of using it in your applications.

You can perform different operations on MS Word documents such as managing document properties, extract image or text, convert to other file formats etc. During the month of November 2012, we have added some features that you can use to manipulate your documents including MS Word documents. You can convert document to different file format without using storage.

You can also execute mail merge template and you may specify the regions for mail merge. You can also split all or specific pages of a Word document uploaded at Amazon S3 storage and save each page as PDF. Following is a list of changes made in Aspose.Words Cloud documentation during the month of November 2012.

PHP examples: