Aspose Cloud APIs have gained immense popularity across the globe in such a small span of time. Document processing and manipulation tasks were never so easy and quick before Aspose Cloud APIs. Each file format API has been designed to offer a wide range of features to help you process the files in the cloud. Aspose Cloud REST APIs are platform independent; these APIs can be utilized across any platform such as Amazon, Salesforce, and Windows Azure etc and do not need any installation. Aspose Cloud REST APIs gives developers on all platforms total control over documents and file formats. Being language independent, these APIs can be utilized in the applications using programming language of your choice such as .NET, Java, Ruby and PHP.

Aspose Cloud makes it easy for web and mobile app developers to work with Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, Adobe PDFs, OpenDocument formats, barcodes, OCR and email formats and protocols in their apps. We have developed SDKs for these file format APIs to help you utilize these feature-rich APIs in you applications and manipulate your documents. You can integrate the features in your applications through simple steps, all you need to do is download the required SDK and enjoy using a variety of features for your document processing requirements. You can download our SDKs in different programming languages such as .NET, Java, PHP and Ruby from Github.

We are currently working on Aspose Cloud SDKs for Android to facilitate the Android developers for the document manipulation tasks in the applications. This effort would be of great help for the Android developers to use a variety of document manipulation features in the applications. The Android developers can enhance their applications by using Aspose Cloud REST APIs and integrate the required features to manipulate different file formats in the cloud. This adds great benefit for the Android developers as our SDKs would help them achieving the desired results through simple and efficient steps in no time.

For instance, you can extract text from documents, calculate formula in worksheets, convert PDF to images, extract images and slides from presentations and perform many such operations on the documents in your Android applications. You can add these file processing APIs in your Android applications easily and utilize the SDKs as per your requirements.

Please refer to our comprehensive documentation of these file format APIs for more information and details on the features and SDKs. If you are not a part of Aspose Cloud family, sign up now and integrate the feature-rich APIs in your Android applications. Get started with Aspose Cloud APIs right away and enjoy a whole new experience of document manipulation. You can opt for the free development account to evaluate these APIs for your Android applications. You may choose to upgrade to our monthly pricing plans that have been prepared to offer you the best value for your required package. Stay tuned to our blogs and newsletter for latest updates on Android SDKs and the release announcements. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries, confusions or suggestions regarding Aspose Cloud SDKs for Android.