Aspose Cloud file format APIs let you add a variety of features to your applications and take document processing experience to another level. You can manipulate your documents in the cloud and integrate the features in your applications to enhance the productivity.We have provided SDK examples for different programming languages like .NET, Java, PHP and Ruby.

You can utilize these SDKs to integrate Aspose Cloud APIs in your applications across any platform. Following is a list of features added in SDKs for different programming languages during the month of November 2012.

Aspose Cloud API SDK for PHP

Aspose Cloud.Barcode API

  • Save Barcode method Read Barcode method

Aspose.Words Cloud API

  • Execute mail merge template

Aspose Cloud API SDK for Ruby

Aspose.Words Cloud API

  • Convert document to other file formats Append a list of documents

Aspose.Cells Cloud API

  • Convert workbooks to other file formats

Aspose.Slides Cloud API

  • Convert presentations to other file formats

Aspose Cloud API SDK for .NET

  • Support for third party storages including Amazon S3, Drop Box, Google Drive, Google Cloud and Windows Azure