Aspose Cloud offers a complete set of solution for your document processing requirements. It provides the platform to create, edit and manipulate your documents in the cloud. Aspose Cloud APIs provide flexible and cost effective solutions to small or medium business enterprises. We have provided SDK examples for different programming languages like .NET, Java, Python and Ruby. You can utilize these SDKs to integrate Aspose Cloud APIs in your applications across any platform.

Following is a list of features added in SDKs for different programming languages during the month of December 2012.

Aspose Cloud API SDK for .NET

Aspose.Words Cloud API

In our .NET SDK, there was an issue of uploading multiple files or performing multiple REST operations.We have fixed this issue in our latest release. We have also updated Aspose.Words Cloud.Field to support sub-folders. Aspose.Words Cloud.MailMerge class has been updated for removal of output files from Aspose Cloud storage. In our latest release, we have updated Aspose.Words Cloud.MailMerge class to handle sub-folders.

Aspose Cloud API SDK for Java

Aspose.Words Cloud API

AppendDocument method of com.Aspose.Words Cloud.Document class has been updated to allow merging documents at root folder.

Aspose Cloud API SDK for Python

Aspose.PDF Cloud API

  • Convert PDF files to other file formats

Aspose.Cells Cloud API

  • Convert workbooks to other file formats

Aspose.Words Cloud API

  • Convert documents to other file formats

Aspose.OCR CloudAPI

  • Extract text from images
  • Extract text from local file

Aspose Cloud.Storage

  • Get folders Create folder
  • Get space info Upload file File exist Delete file

Aspose Cloud API SDK for Ruby

Aspose.Cells Cloud API

  • EncryptWorkbook
  • ProtectWorkbook
  • UnprotectWorkbook
  • SetModifyPassword
  • ClearModifyPassword
  • DecryptWorkbook
  • AddWorksheet
  • RemoveWorksheet