Aspose Cloud APIs are designed to meet the user’s requirement by providing a number of features to incorporate in the applications. You can upload your files on Aspose Cloud storage and use Aspose Cloud REST API URIs to perform multiple operations on these files. Aspose Cloud storage is available with every package to upload your files and process your documents using Aspose Cloud REST APIs.

During the month of January 2013, we have added some features in Aspose Cloud storage that you can use to work with your documents. You can upload files to Aspose Cloud storage and use REST APIs to manipulate the documents. You can delete the files from Aspose Cloud storage and you can also download the files after manipulating them with desired features.Using Aspose Cloud common methods, you can copy response stream to output file in your applications.

Following is a list of changes made in Aspose Cloud REST API documentation during the month of January 2013:

Python Examples:

Aspose Cloud.Storage

Aspose Cloud.Common