Aspose Cloud offers a suite of File Format APIs with a variety of features that enable you to process your documents. You can enhance the performance and productivity of your applications in the cloud using these feature-rich APIs. You can upload your files on Aspose Cloud storage and use Aspose Cloud REST API URIs to perform operations on those files. We provide storage with every package which can be used to keep files temporarily for processing purposes. During the month of October 2012, we have made some changes in the APIs to provide you better experience document processing for files uploaded on different file storages.

We have updated our APIs with two parameters, Storage and Folder for the file storage mediums; Amazon S3 storage and Dropbox. You can use the API references for the desired API and use a variety of features to process your files uploaded on these file storages. You can configure Amazon S3 storage and Dropbox with Aspose Cloud using our web interface quickly and easily.

By integrating Amazon S3 storage or Dropbox, you can enjoy the flexibility to retain your files on external storage providers and use the feature-rich Aspose Cloud APIs to process your files. You can perform multiple operations on your files uploaded on these file storages through the useful features powered by Aspose Cloud File Format APIs. Following is a list of changes made in Aspose Cloud file format APIs during the month of October 2012:

Aspose.PDF Cloud

Aspose.Words Cloud

Aspose.Slides Cloud

Aspose.Cells Cloud