Microsoft Word Documents Manipulation REST APIs and Cloud SDKs

Perform Complex Word Processing Operation in Any Platform – Any Language

Aspose.Words Cloud Product Family

Aspose.Words Cloud Product Family includes cloud SDKs for .NET, PHP, cURL, Python, Ruby and Node.js to create, edit, covert and render Microsoft Word document (20+ file formats) in any language or platform that is capable to call REST APIs. Developers can easily manipulate document properties, perform document processing operations and execute mail merge feature too. You can also render complete document or even a single page to all popular image file formats.

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Individual Cloud SDKs also available for: .NET, PHP, cURL, Python, Ruby and Node.js

Manipulate Microsoft Word Documents using Cloud SDKs for Ruby and Python

Aspose.Words Cloud APIs and SDKs allow developing apps to create, edit, convert or render Word documents without using Microsoft Word. Using the most optimized and scalable cloud SDKs for Ruby and Python – process Word documents even more quickly and easily than before. This version also provides Vector graphics support; and Table detection and recognition improvements while PDF to Word conversion. Read more details here.

Select HTML Fragments by CSS Selector from HTML Document using Aspose.HTML Cloud APIs

Aspose.HTML Cloud APIs and SDKs now include new REST API to let you make Selection of the HTML layout fragments from THML document that matches criteria specified by using CSS selectors and returns them as plain text or JSON. Read more details here.

Create Method to Return API Info and Provide Optional Password Parameter for all Methods

Aspose.Slides Cloud APIs and SDKs allow to manipulate Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in any platform. The recent version announces plenty of important features that enable you to: create a method to return API info, remove obsolete xxxNotes export formats and feature of passing color in PUT method body for background resource. Moreover, it also provides support of optional password parameter for all methods. Read more details here.

GET HTML Fragments and HTML Page Images using Aspose.HTML Cloud APIs

Aspose.HTML Cloud APIs and SDKs now add new REST API endpoints such as Get list of HTML fragments matching the specified XPath query by the source page URL and Get all HTML page images packaged as a ZIP archive by the source page URL. Read more details here.

Add New Recurring Tasks and Convert Project Documents to HTML in Cloud

Aspose.Tasks Cloud APIs and SDKs allow cloud developers to manipulate Microsoft Project files in any platform. The latest version supports an optional parameter within the API to convert MS Project document to HTML format that specifies whether project should be returned as a ZIP archive. Read more details here.

Cloud REST APIs to Convert HTML documents to PDF, Images and XPS

Aspose.HTML Cloud APIs and SDKs allow you to manipulate and translate HTML files in any Platform. The latest version adds a group of conversion PUT methods that provide possibility to upload conversion results to specified storage folder. Easily convert HTML files to PDF, XPS and popular image file formats. Read more details here.

Crop Specific Sections from Images using Aspose.OMR Cloud APIs

Aspose.OMR Cloud APIs and SDKs allow to add OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) capabilities within your cloud apps. The latest version allows clipping the desired area from the image and returns as an image in recognition response. It helps to obtain not only the recognition data but also cropped parts of the original image that may be further processed according to user needs. Read more details here.

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