Reverse Image Search and Image Deskewing with Aspose.Imaging Cloud

We are excited to inform you about the newly introduced features in Aspose.Imaging Cloud API. Now it supports website-based image source for reverse image search. The image deskewing feature also makes the API second to none. We are continuously working and improving to offer you the best solutions possible. Reverse image search is useful for finding duplicate or similar images. It can also help to monitor obscene or graphic content.
· Farhan Raza · 3 min

Duplicate Image Detection with Cloud REST API

Reverse Image Search is a technique that helps you search visually similar images based upon your sample image. There may be a lot of use cases to apply the reverse image search engine. The most common use cases are the following: Search for duplicate image and remove the duplicates Search for content similar images Search for inappropriate content Search for digitally signed images Free Image Processing API There are many applications available for image searching based on reverse image search techniques.
· Tilal Ahmad · 3 min

What’s New in Aspose.Imaging Cloud 19.6

Our new release Aspose.Imaging Cloud 19.6 is already a fact. We have a number of new improvements and fixes in the new version, those make it more stable and reliable Cloud API of your choice, that empower you the manipulation of popular image formats with ease and authority. This release enriched our common ops functionality which is reflected in the common operations format support map for you to be able to save the processing results to even more formats.
· Tilal Ahmad · 3 min