Reverse Image Search is a technique that helps you search visually similar images based upon your sample image. There may be a lot of use cases to apply the reverse image search engine. The most common use cases are the following:

  • Search for duplicate image and remove the duplicates
  • Search for content similar images
  • Search for inappropriate content
  • Search for digitally signed images

Free Image Processing API

There are many applications available for image searching based on reverse image search techniques. However, if you’re looking for a REST API solution for reverse image search, then you’ve landed at the right place. Aspose.Imaging Cloud provides a powerful search engine that helps developers to add reverse image search features in their application on any platform seamlessly. It compares the source image set, containing at least one image, with several other images. As a result of this comparison you get a list of the most similar images according to the following conditions:

  • Degree of similarity
  • The minimal threshold of similarity
  • Algorithm of comparison

Currently Aspose.Imaging Cloud search engine supports content-based image search, duplicate image search, image search by custom registered tags, image comparison and similarity detection and Image features extraction operations.

Here, we’ll give you a quick overview of the feature to find duplicate images using Aspose.Imaging Cloud REST API. However, you can check Aspose.Imaging Cloud documentation for a complete list of features and their details.

How to Find Duplicate Images?

Duplicate image detection, this is the most common use of the reverse image search engine. Many customers need to sort out their photo libraries by finding similar photo images and leaving one or several shots while deleting the remaining ones.

We’ll show you, how easily you can find duplicate images using Aspose.Imaging Cloud API. We’re using AKAZE algorithm for features detection and RandomBinaryTree algorithm for feature matching in the example. We’ll follow these steps to find the duplicate images:

  • Upload source images to storage
  • Create search context
  • Extract image features
  • Find duplicate images

Upload images to storage

Create search context

Extract image features

Find duplicate images


In this post, we have learned about the capabilities of Aspose.Imaging Cloud for duplicate image detection. We have seen the code samples and the details on how to implement this feature in your application. Meanwhile, if you have got a question or you need further assistance, please feel free to drop us a comment below or post a question in the free support forum. It helps us to continually improve and refine our API.

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