Our new release Aspose.Imaging Cloud 19.6 is already a fact. We have a number of new improvements and fixes in the new version, those make it more stable and reliable Cloud API of your choice, that empower you the manipulation of popular image formats with ease and authority. This release enriched our common ops functionality which is reflected in the common operations format support map for you to be able to save the processing results to even more formats. Please visit the release notes, for a complete list of improvement and fixes of this release.

Updated GET requests

We always follow the best API practices of industry, as a step forward, we have deprecated GET requests those were able to create resources. We have removed the outPath parameter from GET request. So from now on you can only obtain the processed image in the response stream with GET requests, and saving it to storage is no longer allowed. If you still need to process the image from storage using GET request and save it to storage as well, then please upload the processed image explicitly by using the Storage API. Let’s show you, how you can achieve this using cURL commands in the new release.

Get Authentication Token

Resize Image and Format Change

Upload Result File to Storage

SDK Updates

In this version we have improved the naming scheme of SDK methods. It is a breaking change. The main motive of this change is to make SDK methods naming simple and intuitive instead of previous bulky approach.

Now, the GET method name reflects simply the operation name. The POST requests which allow you to create resources start with Create and the ones that don’t, start with Extract. Please check some methods for understanding, for complete list, check release notes.

Old Method Names

New Method Names









Other changes are updation of Java SDK to eliminate the possible security vulnerability, improving SDK documentation and adding the common operations format support map to SDK READMEs.

Heads-Up about V4 API Version

We have plans to release new API v4.0 later this year. It is about re-structuring of API architecture to improve its availability and make it simpler. As per plan, it will not affect SDK methods naming much since the scheme introduced in the current release is designed to be mostly compatible with this change.

Try it Out and Share your Feedback

Still haven’t tried [Aspose.Imaging Cloud][4] and visit our developer resources for a quick start:

Don’t forget to share your feedback, your feedback helps shape our roadmap because it is important to us to always deliver a product that satisfies your needs.

[4]: https://products.aspose.cloud/imaging)? The free trial is right here waiting for you to give it a try and explore the power of the Aspose.Imaging Cloud REST API. All you need is to sign up with the [aspose.cloud](https://docs.aspose.cloud/display/totalcloud/Creating+and+Managing+Account