Adding Aspose Cloud SDK to the Android Studio

You can add AsposeCloudSDK to your Android Studio project as an external Aspose Cloud Maven dependency or as an external library via Gradle files. 1. Aspose Cloud Maven DependencyYou can add AsposeCloudSDK to your Android Studio project by adding following lines of code in your app/build.gradle file. (Please note that these modifications go in the build.gradle file in your module’s directory, not the build file in the project root directory).
January 11, 2015 · 2 min · Muhammad Sohail

Unit Tests for Aspose.BarCode APIs Added to Aspose Cloud Android SDK

[![Aspose.Barcode Cloud logo][1], two dimensional (2D), and postal formats. Generate barcode images in a variety of image formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and many others. Recognize barcodes from different image types. Aspose.Barcode Cloud allows you to control all aspects of the image and barcode when generating barcode images. Specify image width, height, border style, output image format and more. You can also set barcode attributes like font style, font color, background color, barcode type and the barcode text location.
November 5, 2014 · 2 min · Muhammad Sohail

Unit Tests for Aspose.Cells APIs Added to Aspose Cloud Android SDK

Aspose.Cells Cloud is a REST API that helps you create, manipulate and convert spreadsheets in the cloud. It allows you to work with all aspects of spreadsheets: worksheets, rows, columns, cells, text, data, images, links, comments, formulas, charts, and many more. Use Aspose.Cells Cloud to create spreadsheets from scratch, manipulate spreadsheets, and convert spreadsheets to other formats. Render a spreadsheet to image formats such as JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF and TIFF, or render charts and other objects to images.
November 4, 2014 · 2 min · Muhammad Sohail