Aspose.Slides Cloud is a REST API that allows you to process your presentations i.e. create, modify and convert presentations in the cloud. You can get formatting information of a slide, replace text, convert presentations to other file formats etc. Aspose.Slides Cloud offers a great experience of processing your presentations with simple and useful features that yield quality results. During the month of March 2013, we have added some features that you can use to manipulate your presentations.

You can convert presentations uploaded at Amazon S3 storage to different file formats. You can also chose to save presentation to other file formats without saving the file on the storage. Using our SDK examples, you can convert PowerPoint presentations to other file formats like PDF, XPS, TIFF, SVG, HTML, PNG, JPEG, GIF, and BMP.

Following is a list of changes made in Aspose.Slides Cloud documentation during the month of March 2013:

Ruby Examples: