Aspose Cloud provides you REST based file format APIs to process your documents in the cloud. You can create, manipulate, and convert documents, presentations, spreadsheets, PDF files, barcodes, and images etc. All of these file formats can be processed with the help of feature rich REST APIs provided by Aspose Cloud. You can upload your files on Aspose Cloud storage and use Aspose Cloud REST API URIs to perform operations on those files. We provide storage with every package which can be used to keep files temporarily for processing purposes. We do understand that many of our customers already use services of external storage providers or want to keep their files with other storage provides. That’s why we have decided to provide flexibility in our APIs to process the files from these external storage providers. We have recently introduced the support for Amazon S3 Storage.

Amazon S3 allows you to store your files in the cloud. You can integrate your existing Amazon S3 account with Aspose Cloud cloud API. You can configure Amazon S3 storage with Aspose Cloud using our web interface quickly and easily. You only need to select ‘Amazon S3 Storage’ from ‘Create New Storage’ menu. On create Amazon S3 Storage page, you can enter access key and secret key. Once the form is saved, you’ll be able to use your Amazon S3 storage with Aspose Cloud API. You can then use Aspose Cloud.Storage API to work with your files. For example, you can create new folder on Amazon S3 storage, upload a file, get storage usage, delete a file or a folder etc.

We have also integrated Amazon S3 Storage with Aspose.Slides Cloud API. This means, you can upload your presentations on Amazon S3 and use Aspose Cloud.Slides to process those presentations. You can perform various operations on your presentations present on Amazon S3 including converting presentations to other formats, extracting shapes from presentations, getting image count from slides, and getting text items from presentations. With the integration of Amazon S3 Storage with Aspose Cloud API, you have got more flexibility to retain your files on external storage provider and use the Aspose Cloud API to process those files. We are working on integrating other storage providers with our APIs.

You can keep updated via our newsletter or blogs about the latest features and storage integrations. You can also get a free Aspose Cloud account for evaluation purposes, so please sign up today and start working with our file format APIs.