Aspose Cloud, your file format expert, provides you the platform to process your documents through different APIs. Using Aspose Cloud APIs, you can integrate various features in your applications to manipulate your documents, presentations, worksheets, PDF files, image and barcode. You can choose a combination of features from different file format APIs for better productivity and enhance the performance of your applications in the cloud. Aspose Cloud Storage is available with every package to upload your files and process your documents using Aspose Cloud REST APIs. Previously, we had introduced support for Amazon S3 storage to integrate your existing Amazon S3 account with Aspose Cloud cloud API. Aspose Cloud has added the flexibility of third party storage options so that you can choose from these as per your requirements.

We are pleased to announce that Aspose Cloud has provided support for Dropbox storage to store your files in the cloud. You can easily configure the Dropbox storage with Aspose Cloud through simple steps in no time. First of all, you need to create an application at Dropbox and get the “App Key” and “App Secret”. Then sign in at Aspose Cloud and Open “My Storage”, select “Dropbox Storage” from “Create New Storage” list on Aspose Cloud.

It takes you to “Create Dropbox Storage” where you need to provide the required data in the fields. Once you provide the “App Key” and “App Secret”, click “Generate Token” to fill in rest of the fields. Now save the form and enjoy using Dropbox storage with Aspose Cloud API.

You can perform multiple operations on your files through the useful features powered by Aspose Cloud File Format APIs. The files uploaded on Dropbox storage can be accessed easily and you can process the files accordingly. For instance, you can upload your worksheets on Dropbox storage and manipulate your files using Aspose.Cells for Cloud. Similarly, you can perform a variety of operations on your PDF files, presentations, documents and images uploaded on Dropbox Storage. Aspose Cloud has always put efforts to bring in the best solutions of document processing for its users.

Dropbox Storage integration with Aspose Cloud file format REST APIs is indeed a positive step in improving our services. The flexibility to process your files from external storage providers helps you access your files and process them with a wide range of REST API features.

Stay tuned to our newsletter and blogs for the latest updates about storage integrations. We look forward to your valuable feedback to improve our services, or you may write to us in case of any queries. You can get a free Aspose Cloud account for evaluation purposes, sign up now and enjoy a whole new experience of document manipulation.