Document processing and manipulation tasks were never so easy and quick before Aspose Cloud APIs. These file format APIs have been designed with a variety of features to manipulate documents in the cloud across any platform. Due to its highly productive and easy to use APIs, Aspose Cloud has gained immense popularity across the globe in such a small span of time. We have provided SDK and REST examples for these REST APIs in different programming languages such as .NET, RUBY, Java, PHP and Python that you can utilize in your application.

PDF files are widely used among a large number of people from different walks of life. There might be scenarios where you want to present the data of your PDF files as slides. This brings in the need to convert PDF files to presentations without making extra efforts. In such scenarios, Aspose.PDF for Cloud and Aspose CloudSlides make the perfect combination of APIs for your application. Aspose.PDF for Cloud is a REST based API for creating, editing, and manipulating PDF files in the cloud. Aspose.Slides for Cloud allows you to process presentations; create, modify, and convert presentations in the cloud. Using a combination of these two REST APIs, you can convert PDF files and manipulate the presentations.

Aspose.PDF for Cloud provides support for conversion of PDF files to different file formats. Using Aspose.PDF for Cloud REST examples and SDKs, you can convert PDF files to presentations in no time.Aspose.PDF for Cloud offers best solution for document conversion and eliminates the need of manual work involved in conversions. The formatting information and data is retained in the converted document, for instance, presentations. Once you have converted the PDF file for presentation, you can use a variety of features to manipulate the presentation.

Using Aspose.Slides for Cloud REST API, you can save a particular slide as an image or you may choose to add one or more new custom properties to the slides. As the data of source file i.e. PDF file is retained in the slides, you can add more slides, delete any slide and merge the presentation with other presentations.

We have SDK and REST examples for different programming languages that you can utilize to convert PDF files and manipulate presentations.

Aspose.PDF for Cloud Examples:

Convert PDF to other Formats

Convert Local File Stream without using Storage

Aspose.Slides for Cloud Examples:

Save a Particular Slide as Image with Default Size

Get Document Properties

Get Text Items from a Slide

Extract a Particular Shapes from a Slide

For more information, please refer to Aspose.PDF for Cloud and Aspose.Slides for Cloud documentation. Get started with Aspose Cloud APIs right away and enjoy a whole new experience of document manipulations. You can opt for free development account to evaluate these APIs for your application. Stay tuned to our blogs and newsletter for the latest news and updates. Please write to us in case of any queries or your requirements of using a combination of REST APIs to produce better results.