Convert PDF files and manipulate presentations using Aspose Cloud APIs

Document processing and manipulation tasks were never so easy and quick before Aspose Cloud APIs. These file format APIs have been designed with a variety of features to manipulate documents in the cloud across any platform. Due to its highly productive and easy to use APIs, Aspose Cloud has gained immense popularity across the globe in such a small span of time. We have provided SDK and REST examples for these REST APIs in different programming languages such as .
· Fatima Rabbiya · 3 min

Aspose.PDF Cloud REST API Documentation Changes Introduced During the Month of January 2013

Aspose.PDF Cloud is the perfect choice to manipulate the PDF files in the cloud. It offers a variety of features regarding various elements of a PDF file such as text, image, links, attachments, bookmarks, annotations, etc. During the month of January 2013, we have added some features that you can use to manipulate your PDF files. You can create a PDF file from HTML templates and the components of the HTML are retained in the PDF file.
· Fatima Rabbiya · 1 min