Optical character recognition and document scanning is quite an important aspect in image manipulation and widely used among web and mobile developers round the globe. Aspose.OCR Cloud is a REST based API that allows text extraction and character recognition in the cloud. Aspose.OCR Cloud reads the image and recognizes the fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman etc and supports various font styles like regular, bold and italic. Aspose.OCR for Cloud supports optical character recognition for whole image, partial image or a specific rectangular area of an image file.

Aspose.OCR Cloud offers an interesting feature for text extraction from images. In document manipulation tasks, you may come across scenarios where you want to extract text from a remotely stored image. This eliminates the need of uploading the image to local server or external storage provider and perform text extraction. Aspose.OCR Cloud allows you to extract remote text from remote image URL using this feature-rich API in your applications. Aspose.OCR Cloud extracts text from remotely stored images and recognizes a collection of characters from the extracted text.

It is a platform independent REST API that supports different programming languages for optical character recognition and text extraction from remote image URLs. You just need to have remote URLs of the images and let Aspose.OCR Cloud perform the rest of tasks involved in optical character recognition. We have SDK and REST examples for Aspose.OCR Cloud that help you utilize it for your applications in the cloud.

REST and SDK Examples:

Extract text from remote image URL

For more details, please refer to Aspose.OCR Cloud documentation. Aspose.OCR Cloud API not only allows you to text extraction from remote image URL but you can also combine multiple REST APIs to enhance your application productivity.

To get started with Aspose.OCR Cloud, you only need to sign up at Aspose Cloud and get application information. You can opt for free development account that enables you to evaluate all of our APIs. You may write to us in case of any queries or confusions. Stay tuned to our blogs for announcements and updates.