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Aspose.OCR Cloud is a REST API for documents scanning and text extraction from different image formats. You can extract text and recognize characters from the documents in the cloud using Aspose.OCR Cloud API. Aspose.OCR Cloud is platform independent and you can use it across various languages and platforms for your web or mobile development needs, you can also integrate Aspose.OCR Cloud with other cloud services.

Aspose.OCR Cloud allows you to extract text from BMP and TIFF images and generate editable text-based document using REST API. You can also recognize the font attributes from extracted text such as font type, font style and font size through Aspose.OCR Cloud. Along with font information, Aspose.OCR Cloud API also supports character recognition for multiple languages such as English, French and Spanish.The accuracy, high speed and ease of use make Aspose.OCR Cloud the perfect choice for text extraction from images in cloud. Using Aspose.OCR Cloud API, you can extract text from BMP and TIFF files using REST or SDKs that are available in multiple programming languages.

Working with Aspose.OCR Cloud API is quick and simple and you can refer to our documentation for the examples in various languages such as .NET, Java, PHP and Ruby etc. Also, you can utilize our developed SDKs for different programming languages like .NET, .PHP, Java and Ruby. These SDKs will reduce the effort at your end and simplify the process of text extraction and character recognition using minimum coding. You may also check direct REST examples and SDK examples for text extraction from images and character recognition. Aspose.OCR Cloud API not only allows you to manipulate your image files for text extraction but you can also combine multiple REST APIs to enhance your application.

You can use a combination of Aspose Cloud.PDF and Saapose.OCR to extract an image from PDF using Aspose.PDF for Cloud REST API and extract text or perform optical character recognition on it using Aspose.OCR Cloud REST API respectively. Aspose.OCR Cloud is a complete solution that offers text extraction from BMP and TIFF image files . Once the text is extracted from the image, Aspose.OCR Cloud reads the image and recognizes the fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman, font styles like regular, bold and italic. Aspose.OCR Cloud supports optical character recognition for whole image, partial image or a specific rectangular area of an image file.

The feature-rich REST APIs offered by Aspose Cloud are easy to use and fun to create applications for your cloud computing requirements. Aspose.OCR Cloud is platform independent and you don’t need to worry about different programming languages support for optical character recognition and text extraction from images files. Saapose.OCR API can recognize a collection of characters from the extracted text in different languages like English, French, and Spanish.

If you are looking for text extraction or optical character recognition from image files, you should try Aspose.OCR Cloud for easy implementation and powerful performance. Sign Up now and get started with powerful features of Aspose Cloud REST APIs. For more details, you can refer to Aspose.OCR Cloud features or write to us for any questions or feedback. Stay tuned to our blogs for announcements and updates.