Aspose Cloud provides you with a cloud-based platform to create, convert and automate your documents in different file formats. It is a platform independent file API and easily integrates with other cloud services ensuring that you can use the documents across any platform. Aspose Cloud allows you to elevate your business to the cloud with a solution that is scalable, reliable and easy to learn and implement. Aspose Cloud offers a suite of APIs for web and mobile developers to work with various document formats such as Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, Adobe PDF files, OpenDocument formats, barcodes, and optical character recognition. In order to get started with the Aspose Cloud REST API for file manipulation, you only need to create an account at Aspose Cloud website. After creating an account, you can get your application information (App Key and App SID). This application information allows you to access Aspose Cloud REST API in your applications to process various file formats. You can get a free development account to get started with the file format APIs. We have prepared a couple of articles to walk you through the UI for creating an account at Aspose Cloud, obtaining the application information, managing your files, and viewing API usage logs. Creating a new Aspose Cloud account is an easy and quick process which leads you to an exciting new experience of document conversion and automation. You can create the account by entering basic user information or using OpenID. Once you’re signed up, you can view and modify your information. In order to start working with Aspose Cloud APIs, you need to create a new App and get App key from the Aspose Cloud dashboard. Each new App allows you to monitor the API usage separately. You can access these Apps using MyApps menu item. From Aspose Cloud dashboard, you can manage your files and storage easily. You can create new folders, upload files, move files around, and download files. You can easily manage these aspects by using simple navigation system from the dashboard. Aspose Cloud dashboard also helps you monitor the API usage. You can filter these API usage logs by selecting a particular App or API. This gives you more control on the API usage and allows you to view up to date stats. The above mentioned articles help you understand the complete process of creating new account, setting new apps, getting app keys, monitoring App and API usage etc. Once you have an account with Aspose Cloud, the Aspose Cloud dashboard helps you manage and monitor every aspect of the file processing, so you could focus more on your business. You can access features of all the Aspose Cloud file format APIs using a single account. In our upcoming blog posts, we’ll explain in more detail that how you can process various files using Aspose Cloud APIs.