Aspose for Cloud APIs are designed to process different kinds of documents in the cloud, across any platform. The REST APIs are composed of various features to perform the desired operations on documents and get quality results for your applications. Aspose.Cells for Cloud supports a wide range of features to help you manipulate the workbooks with quick and reliable solutions. You can choose from a variety of features to manipulate different aspects of a workbook such as spreadsheets, images, text and charts.

Workbooks are used to manage the data in rows and columns and perform various mathematical operations on the data. Each workbook can contain several worksheets having different kind of data either in numeric of graphical form. There are a number of operations that can be performed on the data to achieve multiple tasks involved in document manipulation e.g. You may want to get a specific chart or shape from the worksheet. Similarly, you can also get rows or columns from a specific worksheet.

Aspose.Cells for Cloud supports features to secure your workbooks through encryption or you may choose to set a password to a workbook. Similarly, you can get images, hyperlinks, charts, formulas, auto shapes and comments from a worksheet. Another aspect of images in worksheets is that you can convert the auto shapes and charts to an image or you may choose to convert worksheet to an image.

Aspose.Cells for Cloud REST API helps your applications to create worksheets, convert them to other file formats, add or delete charts, extract or replace text, calculate the formulas and remove a worksheet. To sum up, Aspose.Cells for Cloud is a platform independent REST API that allows document manipulation with several features and supports different programming languages. You can improve your document manipulation experience by collaborating Aspose.Cells for Cloud with other File Format APIs and integrate multiple features in your application for better performance.

Our comprehensive documentation is composed of the features and examples for reference. We appreciate your valuable feedback to help us improve our services. You can also evaluate Aspose Cloud APIs using the free development account. Keep tuned in to our blogs for more updates and announcements.