Convert different objects in a worksheet to images using Aspose.Cells Cloud REST API

Workbooks are used to organize and analyze different kinds of data quickly and efficiently. There can be multiple worksheets in a workbook that help to organize the data in a much better way. Aspose.Cells for Cloud allows you to process your spreadsheets using a wide range of features in the cloud. This REST API supports different types of features for workbooks that you can integrate into your applications and enjoy the document manipulation hassle free.
· Fatima Rabbiya · 3 min

Create and manipulate worksheets using Aspose.Cells Cloud REST API

Aspose for Cloud APIs are designed to process different kinds of documents in the cloud, across any platform. The REST APIs are composed of various features to perform the desired operations on documents and get quality results for your applications. Aspose.Cells for Cloud supports a wide range of features to help you manipulate the workbooks with quick and reliable solutions. You can choose from a variety of features to manipulate different aspects of a workbook such as spreadsheets, images, text and charts.
· Fatima Rabbiya · 2 min

Manage images in your presentation using Aspose.Slides Cloud

Aspose for Cloud APIs have a variety of features that significantly improves the productivity of your applications. Processing the presentations and working with various aspects of slides is supported by Aspose.Slides for Cloud. You can choose from a wide range of features to manipulate your presentations in the cloud. You can extract shapes, manage document properties, replace text or convert presentations to the other file formats. You can manage images in your presentations using Aspose.
· Fatima Rabbiya · 2 min

Extract shapes from PowerPoint presentations using Aspose.Slides Cloud

![Extract shapes from slide][1]. It is a REST API that helps you to create and manipulate your presentations. You can [get formatting information of a slide][2], [replace text][3], [convert presentations][4] to other file formats, or you may choose to manage your slides. [Aspose.Slides for Cloud][5] offers a great experience of processing your presentations with simple and useful features. While working with presentations, it often requires extracting shapes from images added in the slides.
· Fatima Rabbiya · 2 min