Aspose for Cloud APIs allow you to integrate multiple file format APIs to combine a variety of features and perform various functions on the documents. These file format APIs have been designed to manipulate and process the documents in cloud across any platform. Aspose for Cloud APIs offer to work with MS Word documents, presentations, worksheets, images, barcode, etc. The useful features offered by these APIs yield quality results and consistent performance to enhance your applications. We have provided SDK and REST examples for these REST APIs in different programming languages such as .NET, RUBY, Java and PHP that you can utilize in your application.

There might be scenarios where you want to convert workbook elements to images using [Aspose][4] and extract text from the images using [Aspose.OCR for Cloud][5]. Aspose.Cells for Cloud is a REST API that helps you create, manipulate and convert spreadsheets in the cloud whereas Aspose.OCR for Cloud is a REST API for optical character recognition and document scanning. Let’s have a look at how you can use these two REST APIs together to work with spreadsheets and text recognition.

A workbook may contain a variety of objects such as auto shapes, charts, ole objects, pictures, etc. You can [convert autoshape to image][6] using [Aspose.Cells for Cloud][7] in your applications. This feature-rich API allows you to convert different charts in a workbook to images. You may choose to convert a single chart or all charts to images. Similarly, you can [convert ole object][8] in a workbook to image and convert the pictures to images as well. An ole object may contain different types of external objects and Aspose.Cells for Cloud supports the conversion of such objects to images in no time. Also, you can convert a whole worksheet to image using [Aspose.Cells for Cloud REST API][9].

Once you have performed conversion of workbook elements to images, you can use [Aspose.OCR for Cloud REST API][10] to recognize text from images and save it to the database. Aspose.OCR for Cloud supports a variety of fonts in different styles, like regular, bold, and italic, and different image formats.

We have SDK and REST examples for different programming languages that you can utilize to convert workbook objects to images and recognize text from images.

Aspose.Cells for Cloud Examples:

Convert autoshape to image

Convert chart to image

Convert ole object to image

Convert picture to image

Convert worksheet to image

Aspose.OCR for Cloud Examples:

Extract text from images

Aspose.Cells for Cloud eliminates the need of any complex operations involved in manipulating the workbooks or working with various elements of a worksheet. Conversion of worksheet objects to images is a significant aspect of the worksheets and formatting is not compromised during the conversion to image. Aspose.OCR for Cloud recognizes a collection of characters from the extracted text provides support for optical character recognition and text extraction from images files using different programming languages. So using a combination of these two REST APIs, you can easily achieve quality results of image extraction and character recognition.

For more information, you can refer to the documentation of [Aspose.Cells for Cloud][11] and [Aspose.OCR for Cloud][12]. Please [write to us][13] in case of any queries or your requirements of using a combination of REST APIs to produce better results. Stay tuned to our [blog][14] for more updates and announcements.

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